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Medical Device Laser Systems

Laser welding and laser marking: cardiac pacemakers, defibrillators, guide wires, catheters, hearing aids, orthodontic appliances, prosthetics and surgical tools are just a few of our many successful applications!

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Lasers for Sensors & Electronics

Laser welders and laser markers are the ideal tools for sensors and electronics due to fast material processing, precise beam size, excellent pulse-to-pulse stability and non-contact applications.

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Laser Systems for Aerospace & Automotive

LaserStar laser systems laser weld, laser mark, laser engrave or cut a variety of different materials, component parts or final assemblies. A wide range of platforms ensure high productivity and quality.

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Mold Repair Laser Systems

Laser welding is ideal for modifications and repairs on molds, tools and dies whether damaged, wear and tear, or a change in workpiece design. The process is quick, precise and will not damage surrounding surfaces.

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Jewelry Design Laser Systems

"I love my LaserStar. Not only has it increased my daily production, but also the quality of my repairs. I don't know how I lived without it!"

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Dental Lab Laser Welding

"Manual laser welders by LaserStar are ideal for a wide range of dental laboratory applications including crown & bridge, partial and implant fabrication and repair."

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Laser Videos

Watch our latest laser welding and laser marking and engraving videos on LaserStar.TV. These videos demonstrate just a small range of the applications and uses of our laser systems.

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Training and Education

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At LaserStar Technologies, we have a passion for better ideas. Whether pushing the limits of laser technology and laser education and design, or bringing LaserStar clients together to share new and innovative laser marking and laser welding application concepts, we work to approach every challenge with ingenuity and care.

Technical Support

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Regardless of the model or style of laser machine you have purchased from LaserStar Technologies, our highly-skilled engineering and sales staff are always available to review new laser marking and laser welding applications, share technical expertise and provide service and support for all LaserStar's welding, marking and engraving products.

Financing Options

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Advancing technology means the best of today is obsolete tomorrow. Leasing your laser equipment can protect you by allowing the equipment you need today for the amount of time it will be useful to you. When the best technology of tomorrow is available, a lease company will help you acquire the capital to purchase it. Contact LaserStar Leasing Services to learn more.

Spot & Seam Laser Welding

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Laser welding is ideal for a wide range of component assembly, metal joining, automation and repair applications. Laser spot welding, seam welding and hermetic seals.

Laser Marking & Engraving

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Laser marking and laser engraving systems offer the benefits of a direct metal marking, non-contact, abrasion resistant, permanent marking onto almost any type of material.

Laser Cutting Systems

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Laser Cutting Systems offer a significant advantage for today's marketplace producing high quality, dimensionally accurate laser cuts.

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Headline News

New for 2015. LaserStar presents the Rotary Dial Laser Marking System for high production laser marking applications. Click here to see our latest product in action.

Our Mission Statement

LaserStar Technologies Corporation is a Lean, laser welding and laser marking equipment manufacturer. Our goal is to enhance the quality, performance and innovation of our laser products, programs and services on a continuing basis. We invite our customers, employees and friends to be an active participant in this mission.

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