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Laser Cutting Semiconductors

Laser Cutting for Semiconductor Manufacturing 

Laser cutting offers flexible, state-of-the-art machining to meet the most demanding requirements and offer semiconductor manufacturers a highly accurate method of cutting complex shapes from a wide variety of materials. Laser cutting allows materials to be cut into limitless shapes and patterns with precision unattainable by any other method of cutting. Many materials can be accurately and quickly cut with a laser system that has been custom designed for your semiconductor application.

Laser cutting systems for Semiconductors can be implemented in batch manufacturing but also lend themselves very well to automated processes. Some of the benefits of using a laser cutter over other means of cutting include: the flexibility and precision cutting of simple or complex parts, a non-contact cut which means no marks or contamination of the material, a high quality cut with no extra finishing required, and the ability to cut many materials that often will not require further post processing.

No matter what the complexity of your semiconductor cutting application, LaserStar CNC Laser Machining Centers are a great solution for all of your laser cutting needs. Contact one of our laser specialists today to learn more.

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