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Motion Control Software for Laser Marking

Laser Marking Software for Motion Control

Motion Control Software for Laser EngravingLaserStar is proud to offer Galil's WSDK Servo Design Kit software. WSDK is a tuning software and compatible with Galil's prior generation controllers.

Features include:

  • Four-channel storage scope for displaying real-time position, velocity, error and torque
  • Displays X versus Y position for viewing actual 2-D motion path
  • Terminal editor and program editor for easy communication with the controller
  • Automatic tuning for optimizing controller PID filter parameters
  • Provides impulse, step and frequency response tests of actual hardware

"We have owned our LaserStar Laser Marking System for seven years, since 2004. The LaserStar laser marker has consistently given us the high quality branding that our product demands while adapting well to our process as our needs shift. LaserStar laser marking applications support is always available to assist and answer our questions which was an important factor in making our purchase."

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