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CNC Laser Cutting or Welding Workstation

3900 Series T24 - High Precision
FiberStar Tower Laser Workstation

Laser Cutting TowerAvailable in Laser Welding & Laser Cutting Platforms

FiberStar Tower Laser Machining Centers offer a significant competitive advantage for today’s marketplace while producing high quality, dimensionally accurate laser welds and laser cuts for a wide range of industrial applications. The state-of-the-art, fully integrated laser source provides excellent beam quality while producing many years of reliable performance. 

The FiberStar Tower systems offer a programmable 4-Axis (X/Y/Z and optional Rotary) CNC system controller, integrated computer with Windows operating system, and come ready to use with LaserStar machining software and DXF2, G-CODE Conversion Software. This CNC laser machining workstation is air cooled.

As a turnkey solution provider, LaserStar’s Applications Specialists will evaluate your laser welding or cutting requirements, define the application goals and objectives, specify and verify the correct technology, and define a complete laser welding or laser system configuration to accomplish the desired results.

  • Medical Device and Instruments
  • Jewelry (Gold, Silver, Platinum, Titanium)
  • Aerospace and Electronics
  • Prototyping Components
  • Automotive and Micro Components
  • Complex Industrial Alloys
  • Tool & Die Components
  • Ceramics and Plastics


  • Technical Specifications
System Platform Workstation
Laser Source
Fiber Engine
Output Power
150Watt, 300Watt, 450Watt
Software FiberStar CNC Machining Software with G-Code
Motion Controller
Aerotech - 4 Axis Capable
Cantilever Motion Package
Increases Weight Load of Part (No Part Movement)
Laser Head Options
Cutting Head or Welding Head
Tech Mode Capable
Standard Feature
Chamber Camera Viewing System
Upgrade Option with External Monitor
User Interface
Keyboard / Mouse
Operating System
Integrated Computer
Processing Speed 200mm (7.87") / Sec (Material & Laser Dependent
Acceleration Maximum 3g (Process Dependent)
Overall Dimensions
699mm L x 737mm W x 1912mm H
27.5" L x 29" W x 75.25" H
(With Door Closed)
XYZ Table Semi-sealed Axis for more flexible material choices
Ball Screw Drives
Circulating Ball Linear Guides
Cable Management
4th Axis Rotary Capable with Order
Linear Drive:
Travel X/Y/Z
300mm x 300mm x 150mm
(11.8" x 11.8" x 5.9")
/- .012 mm (.0005 inches)
Accuracy   /- .025 mm (.001 inches)
Electrical/Supply Circuit
208/240 Volts, 50/60 Hz, 30 Amps, Single Phase
Assist Gas Features Support for two external gas tanks (supplied by customer)
One supply with Oxygen ready components.
Oxygen Ready
Components for One Tank
Electric/Manual Door
546 x 660 mm (21.5" x 26")
Weight Approx. 700Kg (1550 lbs.)
Warranty As Quoted
Laser Safety Certification FDA(CDRS), UL, CSA, CE, ETL
Country of Origin Made / Assembled in USA
Note:  In the interest of technical progress, we reserve the right to make technical changes without notice.