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Innovative solutions for your business from the experts in laser welding, engraving & cutting systems.


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Industrial Laser Systems

Industrial Laser Systems for welding, engraving or cutting a variety of materials, component parts or final assemblies. A wide range of platforms ensure high productivity and quality.

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Laser Welding Systems

Laser Welding is ideal for a wide range of component assembly, metal joining, automation & repair applications. Ideal for the smallest workshop to large industrial manufacturers.

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Laser Engraving Systems

FiberCube Laser Engraving Systems for high-precision engraving of parts.

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CNC Laser Machining Centers

FiberStar Laser Cutting Systems provide superior edge quality, tight dimensional tolerances and precision cut patterns on a wide range of metal, plastic and ceramic materials.

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60 Years of Excellence

LaserStar is a global supplier of Nd:YAG and Fiber Laser Sources and Systems for welding, engraving & cutting. Recognized for exceeding our customer's expectations since 1957.

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Laser Cutting & Engraving - Valentine's Day Jewelry

In this laser cutting video, we demonstrate our FiberStar CNC Laser Machining Center's ability to laser cut this customized jewelry design out of stainless steel. Once the design was cut, we then added a personalized message using our FiberCube Laser Engraving System. Learn more about the latest in laser technology for your jewelry today!

Featured Products

New for 2017, LaserStar announces the 3802 Series FiberStar Compact Laser Engraving System. Benefits include a “space saving” footprint and LaserStar’s state-of-the-art operating software.  Built to the same robust standards as the full size 3801 Series FiberCube, the Compact is suitable for a wide range of engraving applications, including identification text, serial numbers, bar codes, ...

FiberStar advanced laser engraving systems empower today’s manufacturers, wholesalers, dealers and enthusiasts to custom engrave, brand and personalize a wide range of personal and professional items.
Our proprietary Star-FX™ laser engraving software provides a level of complex layer engraving and surface texturing never before available in today’s marketplace. Convert any sketch, drawing, or...

Our Best Selling Jewelry Laser WelderEasy to use, simple to maintain, incredibly powerful, the iWeld fits neatly into any work environment. iWeld is the highest peak powered laser welding machine in its class. This machine welds SILVER along with other complex alloys.
The iWeld Jewelers Edition is a powerful benchtop laser welding system and comes with jewelry application presets, 99 memory...

Headline News


LaserStar will be at MJSA Expo with the latest in laser technology for jewelry repair, design and manufacturing. Stop in for a live laser demonstration. Our laser specialists...

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We want to personally thank everyone who helped make this years' SHOTShow an outstanding success. It was great seeing so many familiar facesstop by the booth as well as the...

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LaserStar presents the 3901 & 3903 Series FiberStar CNC Laser System. The state of the art CNC laser platform is a benchtop System (available in two sizes) with the ability...

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The FiberCube®XL Laser Engraving System is a compact, turnkey marking, engraving and cutting system that offers the benefits of anon-contact,abrasion-resistant, permanent...

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