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Jewelry Laser Welding: Designing a Ring

Tips for Designing a Ring Using Laser Welding

Select the proper size heads and shank. In this example, the heads are 14K White Gold and the shank is 14K Yellow Gold.

Laser tack the heads together using the laser welding machine and make sure they are perfectly aligned before assembling. When the parts are tacked with one laser welding pulse, the parts can be easily adjusted or removed.

Using the laser welding machine, laser assemble the heads with a proper Keyhole Weld and the Overlapping Weld technique

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Add LaserStar White Gold laser welding wire to the laser welded zones for added strength. Using the laser welding machine, Hammer and Smooth.

Laser assemble the shank to the heads by using the same Keyhole Weld, Overlapping Weld and Filling techniques previously discussed. Clean up the area by filing, sanding or using a rubber wheel.  Then polish and clean accordingly.

Shown here is the finished custom piece with the stones set:

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