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Jewelry Laser Welding: Tennis Bracelet Repair

Tips for Repairing a Tennis Bracelet Using Laser Welding

If the clasp is present, welding the existing clasp is an option. If the clasp is missing, new findings can be used.

Prep the new findings accordingly.

Laser Weld the clasp parts together with a proper Keyhole Weld.

Laser Welding - Jewelry Laser Repair

Laser Welding - Jewelry Repair

Laser Welding - Jewelry Repair


Add LaserStar filler wire of the same alloy for strength.

Hammer and Smooth the welded zones with the LaserStar.  This will reduce the amount of final clean-up at the bench.

Shown here is the clasp after hammering and ready for hand finishing.

Clean up the area by filing, sanding or using a rubber wheel.  Polish and clean accordingly.

The finished repair is shown below:

Laser Welding - Jewelry Repair

Laser Welding - Jewelry Repair

Laser Welding - Jewelry Repair

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