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Laser Welding Wire

Welding Wire for Laser Welding 

When laser welding, the adjoining alloys are first welded together depending on the alloy you are welding. As an example, 14k Yellow Gold wire would be welded to a 14k Yellow Gold piece. This will create the welding bond.

During the laser welding process, a small amount of alloy is vaporized which leaves a slight dip in the surface of the welded joint. The laser welding operator then fills in that dip with laser welding wire. A smoothing operation can then be performed to minimize the final clean up. The finished product in the end is entirely 14kYellow Gold. Since the parts are laser welded together first, only small amounts of laser welding wire are typically used as a filler. There is no wasted wire.

The laser weld is so precise; the welding wire can be added only where it’s needed. There is never any unintentional overflow. LaserStar laser welding wire is the parent alloy and will never break down in strength and never discolor over time. A good laser weld is typically 90% as strong as the virgin alloy or 250 times stronger than the best solder.

LaserStar welding wire can also be used to bridge small gaps, fill porosity holes and reinforce existing parts or welds. Welding wire is also used any time additional metal is required to complete a weld or build up material.

LaserStar laser welding wires have been evaluated and tested for functionality, performance, strength and homogeneous alloy characteristics to assure the highest quality material.

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