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Fiber Laser Welding Workstation

7601 Series
FiberStar Fiber Laser Welding Workstation

(CW and/or Pulse Fiber Engine Output)

FiberStar Fiber Laser Welding Systems offer state-of-the-art laser resonator technology which provides high peak power, optimal performance and throughput, higher up-time, enhanced electrical efficiency, and a space saving air cooled design. Solid state diodes provide instantaneous power with no “warm up time” required.

The laser source is a permanently sealed design that protects against dust and dirt, does not require adjustment, has no consumable parts, and requires no maintenance. These features help to ensure the FiberStar systems performance resulting in stable, consistent material processing for years of operation.

The FiberStar Fiber Laser Welding Workstation offers a significant competitive advantage for today’s aerospace, electronics, medical device and micro component assembly marketplace subject to stringent quality requirements.

Fiber laser welding technology produces a sharp, focused light beam that consistently melts a very small area of metal. The benefit of the technology is that very little heat is generated at the weld point allowing users to easily laser weld > 0.025mm from complex, heat sensitive, intricate parts while providing unparalleled parameter flexibility from 0 – 100% duty cycle.

All Fiberstar Workstations can incorporate state-of-the-art single to four axis programmable motion packages for a wide variety of applications.

  • Medical Device Components
  • Spot Welding
  • Seam Welding
  • Mold Repair Welding
  • Micro Welding
  • Battery Welding
  • Computer Components
  • Aerospace and Electronics
  • Automotive and Micro Components


  • Technical Specs
System Platform Pedestal
Welding Chamber Safety Certification Class 1
FiberStar Lasing System Class 4
Beam Delivery Presentation 90 degree
Wavelength 1070nm
Operating Mode Pulse or Continuous Wave (CW)
Power Levels 150 Watt, 1.5kW
300 Watt, 3.0kW
450 Watt, 4.5kW
Polarization Random
Output Power Stability ± 1%
M2 2.0 - 15.0
Pulse Length 0,5 - 250 Milli-seconds
Pulse Frequency 0,5 - 20 Hz
Burst (Count) Mode 1 - 25 pulses
Beam Diameter  > 25 micron
Cooling System  Internal Forced Air
Cooling Capacity-Run Time 24 Hour / Continuous
Supply Circuit

As Quoted

Binocular Microscope (3 versions) 15x (optional 25x, 40x)
Chamber Illumination System LED Natural Lighting (Quad)
Parameter Adjustment Feature

External Touchscreen
Internal Chamber Joysticks

Pulse Performance Profile Technology2­­­­­­ Exclusive Integrated Software
Programming Memory 79 Text Cells
Language Display Options3 English
Motorized Beam Expander Yes
Shield Gas Supply Integrated “Soft Flow” Nozzle
Inert Gas Welding Chamber Adjust Valve Dual - Integrated
 Welding Chamber Dimensions 13.3"L x 13.6"W x 7.5"H
337mm x 346mm x 178mm
Automation Chamber Dimensions 
(Other Sizes Available)

20”L x 15”W x 14”H
527mm x 398mm x 355mm

Pedestal Workstation 
“Footprint” Dimensions

37.5”L x 15.8”W x 44”H
x 401mm x 1117mm

Weight (Unpackaged) 220 lbs / 100 Kg
Warranty Coverage (Parts & Labor) As Quoted
Laser Safety Certification Compliance FDA(CDRH), UL, CSA, CE, ETL
Country of Origin Made in USA

"LaserStar Technologies offers the most useful and versatile laser welders anywhere in their price range. I continue to choose LaserStar because their laser welding machines do not require industrial utilities or infrastructure, are durable and low maintenance, and can be utilized to their full range of beam output capabilities without purchasing a list of additional configurations and optics. For manual welding applications, LaserStar laser welding machines are the most comfortable and ergonomic, making it much easier to hold intricate assemblies while welding. Automated weld positioning is as painless as it can be since the laser itself can be adapted to a wide range of motion control configurations. Some of the most critical welds that have come through my business, have been and will be made with a LaserStar laser welding system."

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Laser Welding Engineer
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