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EZ-LINK Software

LaserStar EZ-LINK™ Software  

LaserStar’s EZ-LINK™ Software provides direct access to your LaserStar welding system’s internal operating system via a personal computer. This feature offers many advanced communication features allowing owners to perform a wide range of tasks.

Key Features of LaserStar’s EZ-LINK™ Software

  • Connect and Control Your LaserStar - Remotely or On-site
  • Create / Edit / Save Memory Parameter Settings
  • Back-Up Memory Cells
  • Monitor Daily System Performance
  • Download System Updates
  • Create Usage History Reports
  • Perform Troubleshooting
  • Run System Diagnostics

How to Use the EZ-LINK™ Software

Most new LaserStar welding systems have the machine’s operating system configured to accept the EZ-LINK™ software connection. Existing LaserStar owners can upgrade their machine with the latest hardware requirements for a nominal fee.

Simply load the EZ-LINK™ software onto a personal computer. 1Once the program is installed, connect the PC to the LaserStar welding system with the provided connection cable as described in the installation instructions.

Once connected, you can manage your LaserStar welding system’s valuable parameter combinations, share and download settings received from LaserStar Application Specialists, monitor system performance, and most importantly have peace of mind that your system is backed up in case an unexpected memory failure occurs.

Benefits of EZ-LINK™ Software

EZ-LINK™ software allows our Technical Support Department to perform real-time LaserStar system troubleshooting and maintenance. Remote access, direct connect features empower LaserStar technicians to “view and control” your machine from a remote location.2

Ideal for the worldwide marketplace, LaserStar Technologie’s EZ-LINK™ Software provides remote access solutions that connect users directly with the manufacturer.

1 Personal computer is to be supplied by the LaserStar owner. 2­­­­­­­­Some restrictions apply. Internet connection type and speed will influence remote access capabilities as well as operating system of personal computer.

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