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Laser Marking Electronics

Laser Marking Systems for Electronic Parts and Components

Laser Marking Electronic ComponentsLaserStar’s laser marking systems are a fast and clean technology that is rapidly replacing older laser marking technologies as well as traditional methods of marking electronics. Laser marking provides traceability for a wide range of electronic parts and components as well as appliances. From circuit boards and keypads to delicate microchips and capacitors, high-speed laser marking is the answer for many manufacturers in the Electronics Industry and is a permanent part of electronics production. Laser marking electronics guarantees accurate identification and traceability, which in turn guarantees flawless quality assurance.

Typical laser markings range from complex 2D-Data Matrix and bar codes to alphanumeric codes and customized graphics and logos. The laser marking system is capable of marking an incredible array of materials with a wide range of possible effects. Many different materials are used in the electronics industry. Many types of plastics and metals are used for marking electronic parts and components. Plastics can be laser marked either by carbonization, foaming or color changing. For metals, annealing is the most common way of laser marking. By using lasers for marking electronics there is no additional pre- or post-treatment necessary, and all markings are durable and abrasion-resistant.

Laser marking provides a high-speed, low-cost, precise and environmentally-friendly alternative to traditional methods such as: silk screening, pad printing, stamping, chemical etching and mechanical engraving and it’s permanent.

To learn more about laser marking your electronic parts and components, please contact LaserStar today to find the proper solution to your next project.

Laser Marking Systems for PCB Fabrication

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