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Laser Marking Automotive Parts

Laser Marking in Automotive Manufacturing

Laser Marking Automotive Parts & ComponentsClear and consistent marks have to be guaranteed for the Automobile Industry with consistent traceability for security purposes. Laser marking systems are the ideal tool for marking legible alphanumeric, bar codes and data-matrix codes on nearly all materials used in automotive manufacturing.

Many automotive parts and components are made of materials such as: steel, light metals, and plastics and are marked for traceability and quality control. These markings must be durable and last the lifetime of the car or the component part, even if they are in contact with high heat and fluids such as oil and gas.

Laser marking automotive parts can create durable markings that stand up over time on most of the materials that are used for automotive manufacturing. There can be a stand-alone laser marking workstation or a laser marking system that is fully integrated into the automotive production line for direct part marking.

Tamper-proof traceability & identification are an integral part of automotive manufacturing and every vehicle contains hundred’s, if not thousands of laser marked parts and components. Whether it be engine or exhaust components, safety systems, electronic systems, structural metal, or PCB’s our laser marking systems can offer significant gains over traditional marking and engraving methods.

To learn more about how we can help you with your laser marking system requirements, please contact us today. We can help build a laser marking system or solution for your automotive application.

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