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Medical Device Laser Cutting

CNC Machining Centers for Medical Device Manufacturing

CNC laser cutting machines for medical device manufacturing are rapidly emerging as the preferred tool for many cutting or machining applications, particularly when superior edge quality, tight dimensional tolerances and/or high volume production is required. Medical device laser cutting is used extensively in the design and manufacture of medical devices and implants such as stents, heart valves and other medical devices as well as medical tools and components and improves the fit, form and function.

There are a number of things that can affect the performance of medical devices, such as how the shape is cut and fits in your device, how micro-cracks can cause failures and how post processing can affect the cost of your medical products. Laser cutting produces tight tolerances, tubular medical components and devices and allows difficult cutting components to be manufactured fast and extremely accurate while being flexible and cost effective.

Below are just a few benefits of laser cutting technology:

  • No part distortion due to small heat affected zones
  • Intricate part-cutting ability
  • Can cut most metals and other materials
  • No tool wear and tear
  • Fast, inexpensive prototyping
  • Reduced burr removal

To learn more about CNC Machining Centers for laser cutting for your medical device application, please contact one of our laser application specialists today.




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