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7500 FiberStar

Fiber Laser Welding Machine 7500 Series FiberStar Welding System

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FiberStar Fiber Laser Welding Machines
(CW and/or Pulse Fiber Engine Output)

FiberStar Fiber Laser Welding Machines offer a significant competitive advantage for today’s aerospace, electronics, medical device and micro component assembly marketplace subject to stringent quality requirements.

Fiber laser welding technology produces a sharp, focused light beam that consistently melts a very small area of metal. The benefit of the technology is that very little heat is generated at the weld point allowing users to easily weld > 0.025mm from complex, heat sensitive, intricate parts while providing unparalleled parameter flexibility from 0 – 100% duty cycle.

Designed to the highest standards of reliability, repeatability, and user safety, all FiberStar manual laser welding systems offer a factory sealed, maintenance-free laser source designed for more than 30,000 hours of operation.

FiberStar Fiber Laser Welding Machines are ideal for a wide range of complex alloys and applications including: 

Medical Device Components • 300 Series Stainless Steel
Aerospace and Electronics • Nitonol, Titanium, Platinum
Automotive and Micro Components • Many Complex Alloys


  • Technical Specs
System Platform Pedestal
Welding Chamber Safety Certification Class 1
FiberStar Lasing S­­ystem Class 4
Beam Delivery Presentation 90 degree
Wavelength 1,090µm ( /- 5µm)
Operating Mode Pulse or Continuous Wave (CW)
Output Power 100-400 Watt (Pulse or CW)
Polarization Random
Output Power Stability < 2%
Closed Loop Pulse Control Integrated Circuit / Software
M2 1.1 nominal, < 1.2 maximum
Pulse Length 0,5 - 250 Milli-seconds
Pulse Frequency 0,5 - 20 Hz
Burst (Count) Mode 1 - 25 pulses
Beam Diameter (1/e2) .025 - 2.0 mm
Cooling System

Internal Forced Air (100 & 200 Watt)?
Close-Loop Water Cooled (300 & 400 Watt)

Cooling Capacity-Run Time 24 Hour / Continuous
Supply Circuit


120V ( /-10%), 50/60Hz?
15 Amp, Single Phase?
208V ( /-5%) or 230V ( /-10%)?
50/60Hz, 20 Amp, Single Phase

Binocular Microscope (3 versions) 15x (optional 25x, 40x)
EZ-VIEW (Cobra) Scope1 Worldwide Exclusive
Chamber Illumination System Fluorescent & Halogen
Parameter Adjustment Feature

External Keypad?
Internal Chamber

Pulse Performance Profile Technology2­­­­­­ Exclusive Integrated Software
Programming Memory 80 Text Cells
Language Display Options3 English
Motorized Beam Expander Yes
Shield Gas Supply Integrated “Soft Flow” Nozzle
Inert Gas Welding Chamber Adjust Valve Dual - Integrated
Welding Chamber Dimensions

13.3”L x 13.6”W x 7.5”?H
x 346mm x 178mm

Pedestal WorkStation ?
“Footprint” Dimensions

37.5”L x 15.8”W x 44”H
x 401mm x 1117mm

Weight (Unpackaged) 265 lbs / 120 Kg
Warranty Coverage (Parts & Labor) 2 Years
Laser Safety Certification Compliance FDA(CDRH), UL, CSA, CE
Country of Origin Made in USA / United Kingdom 

1The EZ-VIEW®/Cobra projection microscope is a product “Exclusive” only to LaserStar. No other laser welding supplier can offer this feature.  2Pulse Performance Profile Technology® (P3) is an imbedded software feature to shape the wave profile for each laser pulse discharge. 3Additional languages available upon request.  English language is default software.

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