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CNC Laser Machining Centers

Laser Welding & Laser Cutting Workstations

CNC Laser Machining CenterLaserStar’s CNC Laser Machining Centers are custom-built  workstations for laser welding and/or laser cutting that are configured to best fit your current and future business needs.

LaserStar CNC Laser Machining Centers are available in variable body sizes, the T24 and the T36, which are application-specific depending on customer part size. The state-of-the-art, fully integrated laser source provides excellent beam quality while producing many years of reliable performance.  

There are many technical considerations to make when configuring the right solution for your laser machining center laser cutting or laser welding application. Laser workstations vary in terms of work area size and laser power. When selecting your laser machining center, make sure the platform is large enough for your application, and can supply enough power to efficiently process your material.

To help you design the optimal laser workstation solution for your needs, our team of laser technology experts are here to assist you.